The Terroir

The vineyards that supply the winery are located in Alcocer de Planes, Beniarrés and Cocentaina embodying all the values of the mountain ranges in the region of El Comtat.

Some of our vineyards are  cultivated in terraces which were abandoned for decades, located in such rugged terrain that gives it a very special flavor.

Our grapes grow in the in the area of the natural park of Serra Mariola, Serpis river and the foothills of Benicadell.  In addition Serra Aiatna, Serrella Mountain and the natural park of Font Roja define the edges of the visible horizon.

 Cocentaina Sant Cristòfol:

The location where the vineyard is situated is oriented to the east and below the Pic Negre (~1000 m) in Cocentaina, in the surroundings of Montcabrer (1390 m) and within the Serra Mariola Natural Park. It has an altitude of about 550 meters. This situation prevents the site from suffering from frosts compared to locations like Plana de Muro or other nearby areas because it receives the sun's influence early in the morning, but it cools down in the afternoon as the Pic Negre casts its shadow. Normally, the minimum temperatures are mild, and the maximum temperatures are also mild, especially in winter, spring, and autumn. The daily temperature range is then relatively short, between 5 and 10 degrees (below 5 degrees in January). In summer, the situation is a bit different as the sun is higher, and the temperature range becomes longer with fluctuations between 15 and 20 degrees. Precipitation records can be high during gregal storms. The terrain contains limestone and rocky soil. The terraces are narrow and long, creating a stepped and terraced landscape. The surface of the plot is one hectare, although the cultivated part only covers 0.8 hectares due to its topography. The normal annual production is around 1500-2000 kg of grapes, mainly Tempranillo but also Monastrell. We also cultivate there White Grenache (about 600-800 Kg).